The Bistro at the Heart of Villeray
L’Enchanteur was the first “real” bistro to respond to
the needs of the neighbourhood’s eclectic clientele.

It has been 20 years since L’Enchanteur has been pursuing its ambition of gathering people around a table with good food, in a warm, hospitable restaurant where one really feels at home.

  • “ The aim of the establishment? To gather people from the neighbourhood in a cozy location where they can really feel at home.
    Mission accomplished, it’s your Caisse that’s telling you this!”
    Caisse Desjardins Cité-du-Nord de Montréal
  • “For its irresistible brunches, diversified menu,
    and warm, hospitable ambiance...
    l'Enchanteur is worth the trip.”
  • “A warm, colourful décor and a varied brunch menu.
    Pancake and French Toast lovers will be delighted
    with the numerous, original toppings.”
    Journal Metro
  • “ They serve ultra-fresh products prepared
    in a variety of combinations which everybody loves.
    You’ll be enchanted by L’Enchanteur, just as we were!”
    Tatiana Polevoy

A welcoming restaurant, attentive team, comforting home-cooked dishes, enchanting ambiance...
everything to charm you.